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Good byeA special message from Executive Director – Julia Glyde

The time has come…..we all reach several crossroads throughout our life span and Animal Agents is not an exception.  

Effective immediately we are no longer accepting animals.  We have provided a Resource link for you, should you need any help in placing an animal or just need information.  

This was not a decision that came lightly, there were many sleepless nights, tears and discussions and now we all are at peace with this decision.  Even though we have closed our doors, we have not closed our hearts!  We realize there are so many other ways we can continue to be an advocate for animals and we ask that you do the same. 

The Animal Agents Team all agree that we have rescue fatigue (many larger rescues are actually sending their staff/volunteers on classes on how to deal with this) and felt that the time was right to close our doors. This will give our dedicated team a break and the opportunity to concentrate and focus on their own lives and careers.

We have accomplished many great things during our 10 years of animal rescue. We have rescued and re-homed over 1200 animals, relying totally on monetary donations from our supporters, dedicated volunteers giving unlimited hours and our foster parents opening their heart and homes to our homeless animals, providing a safe haven, love and a warm cozy bed.

We have assisted many other rescues and people with resources to save even more abandoned and homeless animals.

We want to thank you all for your support and generosity. Many of you not only gave your time at our fundraisers and adoption events but gave donations, provided foster homes and much-needed support.

We are keeping a skeletal volunteer staff in place to support any follow ups from past adoptions. We also still have one adorable little dog (Patti)Patti in our care, we are working diligently to find a forever home for her.

We have decided to donate all of our supplies and remaining financial resources to Muttville in San Francisco. They are an amazing organization that helps senior dogs and they’ve been very supportive of Animal Agents over the years.

We have provided a link on our page for easy access.   If you are looking for volunteer opportunities or a place to support financially, we would highly recommend you consider them. It’s a small organization that does big work for very special senior dogs.

We’ve also decided to keep our website up as a resource to assist those who might need contact information for other rescues in the Bay Area as well as the Central San Joaquin Valley.  We have added a Resource link to our site.

Though we are closing the rescue, I ask that we all continue to be a voice for animals in need, they need us! Each one of us can continue to make a difference by educating our friends, neighbors and people we meet. By encouraging spay and neuter and offering financial support to rescues who are still on the front lines working tirelessly. As long as there are animals in need, we can all continue to do our part to help in our own way.

Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing this experience of a lifetime with us and for supporting our cause. We couldn’t have done this work without you! We can all be proud of the work we’ve done, knowing that together we’ve saved lives.

So, from the bottom of our hearts “Thank You Everyone for sharing this experience of a lifetime, supporting our cause, giving life to so many animals that did not have a future.  These saved lives have provided so much love and joy to so many people”.

I am Forever Grateful,

Julia Glyde

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